RE: Sun Dome

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Tue 11 Nov 1997 - 18:31:46 EET

Stephen Martin
>Contrary to Dave Dunham's reporting of sources for a Ralian Sun Dome, I
have had several people tell me there >is one in Ralios. But, I know of
no "Chaosium" source to this effect.
        Me, and Greg, and the big map in the office. The map shows a
single Ralios Sun Dome Temple, and it does not show ANY Sun Dome temples
in Dara Happa. They're all in barbarian lands.

>Given the long history of Dara Happa in the formation of the various
Sun Dome Temples, especially in the >Second Age (when they had no
presence in Ralios), I find this difficult to believe.
        The Ralios Sun Dome temple was certainly placed there during the
First Age.

>And the modern Yelmalio cult has not been around long enough, IMO, to
have branched that far as of yet.
        Who says it's the "modern" Yelmalio cult?

Sandy Pts


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