Commies and Yankees

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Date: Tue 11 Nov 1997 - 22:55:36 EET

Stephen Martin:
>I agree with Mr. Tines that the Tales version of the Lunar Empire
>is not quite to my tastes

The Lunar Empire being a communist parallel is good MGF, but that's not
always what is wanted. Sometimes I like a MGF Glorantha game, sometimes
I prefer it serious. There are two Gloranthas (Gloranthae?) in my games,
the 'real' Glorantha and the 'surreal' Glorantha. Of course, these terms
are relative. My 'real' Glorantha still has rogue Gremlins that eat
peoples' crossbows, Sandy's invisible pixies, magic roads, flying hands,
Harajallenburg, etc., but in the 'surreal' Glorantha, there are
Cauliflower Broo, the Challana Inquisition, and the little waves that
hide downstream of rocks in the river can be 'cheered on' and will dash

upstream to the next rock.
>I humbly withdraw my objection to "picturesque",

How is that word pronounced in America? Going by "lootenant" as an
example, it ought to be "picture-skew"!
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