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Date: Wed 12 Nov 1997 - 03:45:11 EET

Sandy Petersen
>Me, and Greg, and the big map in the office. The map shows a
>single Ralios Sun Dome Temple, and it does not show ANY Sun Dome
>temples in Dara Happa. They're all in barbarian lands.

I didn't say "Dara Happa", I said "southern Peloria". I know quite well
that there is a big difference.

I have never seen a map showing the Ralian Sun Dome Temple -- can you be
more specific as to which "big map in the office"? And, since this map is
unpublished and probably drawn when Greg still believed in the Monomyth,
I find no reason to believe such a place still exists, barring a good
reason for it to exist.

Since the Sun Dome Temple ruins in Dragon Pass and Prax were founded in
the mid to late Second Age, and Yelmalio the human god is but 60 or so
years old, I do not believe anything even remotely related to a Sun Dome
Temple could possibly exist in Ralios, as we understand the term.

There could well be some sort of solar temple in northern Ralios, a
remnant which has somehow survived for 1000 years cut off from Dara

Happa. But to call it a Sun Dome Temple is a misnomer which implies links
which simply cannot be present, in any way, shape, or form -- no link to
the Second Age cult(s) of the Sun Dome Temples, and no link to Yelmalio.
This temple may have a similar shape (square base, domed roof, since that
shape was first used sometime around the year 150 S.T., per GRoY, Ivory
edition), but I don't think similar shape alone should justify calling
such a temple a "Sun Dome Temple."

I therefore see no reason to call this temple (if it exists) a Sun Dome
Temple. Call it a Nysalorian Temple, if you like, it is a lot more
accurate than Sun Dome.


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