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Joerg Baumgartner

>Reading the description in the Genertela Box, I rather got the
>impression that right in the core of the Heortling lands there ruled
>anarchy as soon as the trol l overlords had been defeated.

The history stuff in River of Cradles speaks of the
Kingdom of Dragon Pass being an organized entity
engaged in open revolt against the Uz overlords.
Remember Spoken Auld Wyrmish was introduced into
Dragon Pass crica 573, *before* the eventual overthrow
of the ruling Uz in the tax slaughter of 578.

>Into this destabilized region come the bearers of the new
>knowledge about Auld Wyrmish, released by the God Learner >institute in
Nochet. Their early successes bring religious upheaval >into the region
as well. Unlike that real world parallel, the Hunting >and Waltzing
Bands did manage to reunite the region under one >religion - that of
Orlanth Dragonfriend.

Not quite. According to the Book 5 of the RQIII rules,
the EWF was descended from the old Solar Theocracy
which points to the origins of the EWF and the Kingdom
of Dragon Pass as being based on the Sun Dome
Temples (not the modern Yelmalio BTW). The cult of
Orlanth Dragonfriend comes later after the establishment
of the EWF and appears to have been a gesture for
concilating the masses.

- --Peter Metcalfe

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