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Sun Domes-
The bulk of the info on Sun Domes is of course pre-Elmal :
the one near Pavis, the one near Whitewall, and according
to _Cults of Prax_, fifteen in southern Peloria. Whether
these include the couple in Balazar (according to Griffin
Mountain) is not clear. That Balazar has become a "blank
land" since GM probably adds to confusion.

While these temples share the significant archtectural
feature of a dome, and sun worship of some form, they
probably diverge significantly from there (as to which
aspect of the Sun they revere, for example).

I could believe one relict Sun Dome from the first age in
Ralios, sufficiently remote and out of the way as to have
been passed by by the currents of history - and consequently
really unusual. More would be pushing it.

G:tG & Kyger Litor-
Assuming G:tG ever gets off the ground, it's going at some
point going to have to bite the bullet on cult write-ups.
Now one of the problems with RQ3 as far as a RQ2 grognard
was concerned was the way that the middle period of
releases consisted of spinning out one RQ2 release into
three for the new system, and the later stuff reworked
areas already used for RQ2 packs.

G:tG is going to have to try and reconcile two significantly
different markets : the hard core old timers, and - in order
to try and make commercial sense - expand to cover newcomers.
Mixing a little new material into what is mainly rehashed
old stuff is probably a bad way to go. How the G:tG version
of the Kyger Litor cult is handled will be significant test
of how this is being matched.

The effectiveness of women as warriors can be estimated
from an episode from RW history.

A king sat in high state, complete with a harem - so
large a harem that it was beyond his stamina, and others
were trying their luck. Traditional methods of
dissuasion - the odd beheading or flaying - were of no

On reflection, the king decided that the women of the
harem lacked for things to do to fill their days, so he
formed them into a corps of warriors. They became the
best troops in his army, feared by all the neighbouring
states, so that what had previously been a petty statelet
became one of the strongest in the region; and managed to
put up a tough fight against an opponent with far superior
technology and equipment in their last appearance on the

This was the kingdom of Dahomey, and the Amazons fought
their last battle in 1893, against the French Foreign
Legion. Being originally a harem, these women were not
selected for any martial ability or physical prowess.

It has been alleged that I am mysterious. Well, I have
a web page, so you can get a picture to pin up on a
dart board. And it should not take someone more than
the resources of the 'net, a few minutes and maybe a shrewd
guess to figure out my meat name if they really want to.

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