Beginning of EWF

From: Richard, Jeff (
Date: Wed 12 Nov 1997 - 23:41:54 EET

Regarding the origins of the EWF Peter wrote:
>Not quite. According to the Book 5 of the RQIII rules,
>the EWF was descended from the old Solar Theocracy
>which points to the origins of the EWF and the Kingdom
>of Dragon Pass as being based on the Sun Dome
>Temples (not the modern Yelmalio BTW). The cult of

>Orlanth Dragonfriend comes later after the establishment
>of the EWF and appears to have been a gesture for
>concilating the masses.

A lot of work has been done on the EWF since Book 5 of the RQ III rules
was written. The EWF has some organizational and structural
similarities to the old Solar Theocracy, but those are not a by-product
of the Sun Dome Templars. Rather, when the kingdom of the Heortlings
was reestablished circa 450, it appears that the new kingdom
incorporated some of the extra-tribal institutions that were developed
by the High Council of the Lands of Genertela during the previous
century. Indeed it can be argued that the new priesthood of Orlanth
Lightbringer established by Harmast was also influenced by the Solar

Nonetheless, it does appear that the "political leaders" who embraced
the draconic way in one sitting in 578 (as better described in the
Glorantha GM/History book) were the High Council of the Heortlings. With
the Heortling kingdom draconized (and its institutions quickly
fossilized and irrelevant), the tribes themselves become little more
than administrative taxing districts.



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