Peoples of Vanch etc.

From: Smith Harald C (
Date: Wed 12 Nov 1997 - 19:49:00 EET

Jeff Richards wrote:
>Instead, the Foreigner King Verenmars managed to assemble a Ring of
Peoples against the EWF and founded the Kingdom of Saird.

> I always wondered about this "kingdom of Saird". Quite clearly it lies
north of the "kingdom of Saird" Argrath took over with his marriage of
the Queen of Holay - check the maps in TFS. Vanch seems to have been a
major part of this fledgeling kingdom, and perhaps northern Sylila. Who
were the inhabitants? Hardly mainstream Heortlings, IMO.

I've been working for awhile with Greg and Jeff on defining on these
people and their traditions. Going back to the Dawning and First Age,
there are a number of small peoples--mostly hunter/gatherer, herding, or
horticulturalist communities. They include the dog people of Saird
(Jajalarings) who worship primarily Jajagappa (who later becomes a DH
underworld demon as well); the proto-Vanchites who have a reputation for
stealing other peoples magics for their own; the Zarkosites (goat
herders) who have some mention in GRoY; the Sidarsi, another goat
herding people, who inhabit the Imther Mountains and have ties to the
dwarfs there; and a few other smaller people. They have differing
traditions from either those of DH or the Orlanthi, but by the time of
Nysalor, have been largely overrun by their larger neighbors. This is
not to say that their traditions completely disappear though. Some,
particularly in Vanch, reemerge, though in differing forms. These
traditions lead to the rise of the Kingdom of Saird under Verenmars and
his successors, as well as to the Kingdoms of Vanch and Imther.

I'm hoping that as this material develops further, I can get it
organized to the point of making it available, maybe through the next
issue of New Lolon Gospel (which is planned but not actively in



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