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From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Thu 13 Nov 1997 - 09:25:21 EET

I quibble with Mr Tines:

> Now one of the problems with RQ3 as far as a RQ2 grognard
> was concerned was the way that the middle period of
> releases consisted of spinning out one RQ2 release into
> three for the new system, and the later stuff reworked
> areas already used for RQ2 packs.

These were not exclusive features. The *four* RQ3 Trollpak releases
(Trollpak, Troll Gods, Haunted Ruins, Troll Realms) that were such a
significant feature of the "middle period" were accompanied by much
new material (in "Gods of Glorantha", "Genertela", "Elder Secrets").

And the "later stuff" included just *two* reworked RQ2 supplements,
"River of Cradles" and "Lords of Terror", both of which included
lots of new material, and alongside them the likes of "Sun County",
"Dorastor", "Strangers in Prax"... a RQ2 grognard who missed all of
these supplements would *really* be missing out.

I thought the single worst sin of Avalon Hill was taking so long
to begin printing good Gloranthan material -- even a reprint like
"River of Cradles" would have nice, if it had come out ten years
earlier than it eventually did. When AH bought RQ, Glorantha was
almost a mainstream gaming setting (in the UK, at least); by the
time they started printing anything Gloranthan, it was obscure
once more. Bummer.

Simon reminds us:

> Then of course there's the deadly Iron Broo, made from girders.

Which has a thick Sartarite accent...



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