Sun Dome Templs in the EWF

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 13 Nov 1997 - 13:28:11 EET

On the origins of the EWF

Me>> According to the Book 5 of the RQIII rules,
>>the EWF was descended from the old Solar Theocracy
>>which points to the origins of the EWF and the Kingdom
>>of Dragon Pass as being based on the Sun Dome
>>Temples (not the modern Yelmalio BTW).

Jeff Richard comments.

>A lot of work has been done on the EWF since Book 5 of the RQ III
>rules was written. The EWF has some organizational and structural
>similarities to the old Solar Theocracy, but those are not a by-product
>of the Sun Dome Templars.

>Rather, when the kingdom of the Heortlings was reestablished
>circa 450, it appears that the new kingdom incorporated some of
>the extra-tribal institutions that were developed by the High Council
>of the Lands of Genertela during the previous century.

And under these refounded institutions, the Kingdom of Dragon
Pass remained enslaved under the Uz yoke for 100+ years. Then comes an
Uz defeat in Holay by the Sun Dome Temple in 562. This causes the
Kingdom of Dragon Pass to increase its efforts to gain independance and
it succeeds in less than 20 years. Thus it seems to me that the Sun
Dome Temple was highly influential culturally in Dragon Pass at this
time with borrowing of organisational aspects, new thoughts of worship
and all that.

>Indeed it can be argued that the new priesthood of Orlanth
>Lightbringer established by Harmast was also influenced by the Solar

I would have thought Harmast's priesthood was a _reaction_
against the religion of Palangio and so as unsolar theocratic
as humanly possible.

- --Peter Metcalfe

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