Tarkalor and dates

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Date: Thu 13 Nov 1997 - 23:54:00 EET

Steve trying to help on Tarkalor:

> The whole trip took place before the Sun Dome thing, surely --
I'd have thought so myself - he sounds a bit more mature then. Though I
wonder how much of his success was due to his companions? Monrogh seems
to have been the thinker.

> thinking about the events of the game, T's half-brother Jarosar was
> probably the Prince then.
His half-brother Jarolar, or his nephew Jarosar?

> So, sometime between 1552-1557.
Those are the dates for Jarolar's reign in the family tree on p48. CHDP
gives 1550-1565.

> I believe that Tarkalor's journey to Teshnos took place sometime in
> this era, though I have no proof of this.
I assume it must be before his Sun Dome success. At least, "The Birth of
Elmal" implies it.
And the Sun Dome in Dragon Pass was set up before 1550, since a party is
sent out with Dorasar then. So, the Teshnos trip was considerably before

Bearing in mind the link between his Teshnos trip and the Prax Sun Dome,
how do you tie these dates in with the Light List?
1532-1537 - assorted kin-slaying nomads
1537-1556 - Poskuturri Criminal-slayer (note Dorasar appears, and Varthanis with
him, in 1550)
1556-1567 - Zentakos the Blind
1567-1593 - Varthanis Brighthelm (who became Count 17 years after
arriving in Prax).

I'd wondered if Tarkalor hit the Prax Sun Dome as early as 1537, and
helped Poskutturi kick out the assorted brothers. I note that Jarolar was
born in 1519 (if you believe the family tree), so the earliest Tarkalor
could have been born would be 1521 (putting Onelisin in 1520). His son
Terasarin was born in 1541 (again, if you believe the family tree) when
he would have been 20.
Jane Williams jane@williams.nildram.co.uk


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