Dwarf defeats and Ralian Sun Dome

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri 14 Nov 1997 - 14:14:52 EET

More examples of dwarf defeats for Carl Fink:

The Battle of Warring Ford in 500 ST which involved a
combined dwarf-troll army against the Kralori. Result:
a victory for the Kralori.

Errinoru's conquest of the Mari Mountain Mostali. This
is probably the origin of the vegetarianism heresy.

There's also the third Nidan Army sent out to punish the
Greatway Conclave. It was surprised and destroyed by
the EWF.

Also Gronkalg(?) the Accelerator used some sort of
one-use gizmo to send his dwarvern conclave to
Jrustela to prevent them from doom and destruction.
I have no idea where he came from or the type of
foes that he faced.

Stephen on the Ralian Sun Dome Temple.

>And, since this map [which contains the aforementioned
>Temple] is unpublished and probably drawn when Greg still believed >in
the Monomyth, I find no reason to believe such a place still exists,
>barring a good reason for it to exist.

Good grief. That just wipes out everything that Greg wrote,
doesn't it?

>Since the Sun Dome Temple ruins in Dragon Pass and Prax were >founded
in the mid to late Second Age, and Yelmalio the human
>god is but 60 or so years old, I do not believe anything even >remotely
related to a Sun Dome Temple could possibly exist in >Ralios, as we
understand the term.

The term Sun Dome Temple refers to a particular type
of Temple Design rather than the name of the Sun God
it is dedicated to, or the type of rituals that are used

>There could well be some sort of solar temple in northern Ralios, a
>remnant which has somehow survived for 1000 years cut off from >Dara
Happa. But to call it a Sun Dome Temple is a misnomer which >implies
links which simply cannot be present, in any way, shape, or >form -- no
link to the Second Age cult(s) of the Sun Dome Temples, >and no link to

The Praxian and the Dragon Pass Temples date back to the
Kingdom of Dragon Pass and the EWF. It is known that the
EWF extended its talons into Ralios as Alakoring Dragonbreaker started
his revolt against them there. Thus the EWF could have
quite easily placed several Sun Dome Temples in Ralios in the
second age.

>This temple may have a similar shape (square base, domed roof, >since
that shape was first used sometime around the year 150 S.T., >per GRoY,
Ivory edition), but I don't think similar shape alone should >justify
calling such a temple a "Sun Dome Temple."

Well what other criteria can we use? The name of the God?
(Antirius during the First Age, Yelmalio now). The type of rituals
used? (Dara Happan in the first age, draconic during the second,
demented hazia consumption a few scant years ago).


>to my knowledge Yelmalio is not a sun cult, or
>is this some hideous misinterpretation on my part????

IMO Yelmalio is a Sun Cult.

- --Peter Metcalfe

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