Quibbling over Steve's quibbling

From: danny bourne (d.bourne@dial.pipex.com)
Date: Sat 15 Nov 1997 - 12:17:28 EET

>And on the subject of completely useless, lets not even _mention_ Monster
>Coliseum, or Releases #s 2 and 3!
Just to let everyone know that I have used Monster Coliseum & found it
rather fun. (If only for the Aldachur Games where us Balazaring slaves had
an amusing death-fest of a time. All pally off the field, but anything went
on the track).
I do wonder what your definition of useless is Steve, bearing in mind that
you don't play Runequest. No adventure can be totally useless - even if you
have to scrap it to make it useable at least it's been so bad that you've
had to change it. All right, so that's not much use, but if it gets the
juice flowing... Perhaps bad product is better than no product at all.


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