Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #224

Date: Sun 16 Nov 1997 - 07:23:13 EET

>>And on the subject of completely useless, lets not even _mention_ Monster
>>Coliseum, or Releases #s 2 and 3!

2 & 3 were character sheets, weren't they? That struck me as a
particularly good example of disproportionate corporate greed. Monster
Coliseum was actually VERY useful - I ran a campaign in Medieval Europe for
several game years, and I ended up using the coliseum for many things, the
chariot rules repeatedly (one NPC was a dispossesed Celtic prince - much
adventuring around that) and the NPC's HUNDREDS of times.

Hell, I'd buy a $12 expansion pack if it contained scads of NPCs. They are
ALWAYS such a pain, & I'm too lazy to ever finish the Visual basic program
I wrote to generate them.

Hey I recall in the berkely archives there used to be a postscript NPC
generator - just dump it to a printer with the right command line, and
voila! NPC's. Anyone still have that - esp one that would just RUN on screen?

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