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Per an old Wyrms Footnotes article (soon to be up on the Web Page),
Vamargic Eye-Necklace seems to have been from the Troll Woods in the Holy

Jane catches me in extreme stupid mode:
>> thinking about the events of the game, T's half-brother Jarosar was
>> probably the Prince then.
>His half-brother Jarolar, or his nephew Jarosar?

His half-brother Jarolar.

>> So, sometime between 1552-1557.
>Those are the dates for Jarolar's reign in the family tree on p48. CHDP
>gives 1550-1565.

CHDP seems to be the less reliable source here, though this could
indicate something else going on. Joerg may have analyzed the two sets of
dates more than me.

>Bearing in mind the link between his Teshnos trip and the Prax Sun Dome,

>how do you tie these dates in with the Light List?

I don't -- that is more Peter Metcalfe's area than mine. He is the one
who posits the great Teshnos link to the Praxian Sun Dome -- I neither
confirm nor deny.

Danny chides me, not unjustly, for my comments on Monster Coliseum:
>I do wonder what your definition of useless is Steve, bearing in mind
>you don't play Runequest. No adventure can be totally useless - even if
>have to scrap it to make it useable at least it's been so bad that
>had to change it. All right, so that's not much use, but if it gets the
>juice flowing... Perhaps bad product is better than no product at all.

First of all, although I haven't played in the last couple of years,
before that I _did_ play RuneQuest, just not all that often since 1985 or

But, I will admit that I was wrong: Monster Coliseum is not _completely_
useless -- look at all the times Ken Rolston referred to it for NPC stats
during the RuneQuest Renaissance.

My point was that Monster Coliseum had no plot or adaptable scenarios, no
Gloranthan information, no new rules of much use (IMO). It was basically
a more expensive version of Foes, with fewer stats. If it had been made
into something more resembling an actual Roman adventure pack, centering
on the Coliseum, it would have been better, IMO. As it was, any RQ player
in the world could probably have hacked it together in a few days, just
not in as pretty a format.

The "Mysterious" Mr. Tines does an excellent job of putting the
Gloranthan releases of the last 12 years into perspective. My last issue
of Drastic notwithstanding, Prax has been done to death -- let's move on.
Elder Secrets had some good stuff, but left out the best stuff about
dwarfs, which had been printed in Different Worlds magazine.

With the Gloranthan Web Page up and running, and a _lot_ of background
material on it, hopefully the new game will be able to avoid reprinting a
lot of this material, since it will be available to everyone on the Web


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