OOP on the web, little old ladies.

From: Jane Williams (jane@williams.nildram.co.uk)
Date: Mon 17 Nov 1997 - 21:36:39 EET

Steve said, inter alia:

> With the Gloranthan Web Page up and running, and a _lot_ of background
> material on it, hopefully the new game will be able to avoid
> reprinting a lot of this material, since it will be available to
> everyone on the Web Page.

Um, Steve. That web page is a wonderful resource, true. But - believe it
or not - there are still people with no web access out there. Even some
who have email, but can't get at the Web. I seem to remember arguing with

some guy or other a while back, who had email but couldn't be bothered to
get web access too - come to think of it, that was you, wasn't it?

I hope the "new game" *will* contain a lot of this stuff, because for the
majority of the gaming world that's the only way they're ever going to
see it. And without the background, Glorantha as a setting is unplayable.

On the subject of "useless" elders, might I suggest that they do a lot of
the minding of small infants? Also the spinning, weaving, cooking, and
other less physically demanding occupations? (I'm sure there are some
"male-role" tasks as well, but they escape me for the moment).

If an eight-year-old can be useful, I would have thought an
eighty-year-old could perform at least the same tasks.

Jane Williams jane@williams.nildram.co.uk


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