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From: Stephen Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Tue 18 Nov 1997 - 09:08:36 EET

>Um, Steve. That web page is a wonderful resource, true. But - believe it

>or not - there are still people with no web access out there. Even some
>who have email, but can't get at the Web. I seem to remember arguing
>some guy or other a while back, who had email but couldn't be bothered
>get web access too - come to think of it, that was you, wasn't it?

We didn't really _argue_, did we Jane?

My point was, that I hope Issaries, Inc. will feel less _need_ to
endlessly reprint material, if there is another way to allow people to
access it. Some of the material certainly should be used, in some form,
but the Web Page, even if not everyone can access it (I can only do so
through work), is a good start.

Thinking further on Jane's and Shannon's comments, it occurs to me that
what is more important is keeping the material in print, so that it
doesn't have to be rewritten as four supplements instead of one, and
avoiding the multiple publication of identical articles for completeness'

Nick Brooke mentioned worship of "Yelmalio" in Prax since the Second Age.
May I suggest that the name of their deity was not Yelmalio, that this
name is something they gained from Monrogh after he convinced them that
his vision applied to them as well? Isolated as they were, and
oft-invaded, I could believe the Praxian Yelmalions would no longer
remember the true name of the deity they worshiped.

Stephen Martin
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