Sartar Dynasty dates

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Tue 18 Nov 1997 - 20:34:00 EET

Steve Martin:
>>> So, sometime between 1552-1557.
Jane Williams:
>>Those are the dates for Jarolar's reign in the family tree on p48. CHDP
>>gives 1550-1565.
Steve again:
>CHDP seems to be the less reliable source here, though this could
>indicate something else going on. Joerg may have analyzed the two sets of
>dates more than me.

Not really, but there are a few clues. Jarol<a/o>r managed to build quite a
few fortifications, which should have taken him more than the five years
allotted to him in the family tree (whose dates are somewhat off in several
cases, like Eonistaran's date of birth in the year one his younger sons,
Dorasar, should have been born if he was of an age with Saronil's son

On the other hand, the description of Tarkalor's reign suggests that he may
have had more than six years before concluding the contest for the Feathered
Horse Queen.

Overall, we know from Tarshite sources that both Jarolar and his son Jarosar
died during Phargentes' long reign. Jarolar ruled in 1555, and seems to have
been fresh to the office. This makes the year 1552 for the start of his
reign more likely than 1550.

BTW, this granddaughter of Saronil's who was abducted in the year of his
death could either been Sarotar's daughter Marlesta the Dancer, or one of
Onelisin Cat-Witch's three daughters. Onelisin's girls could have been up to
14 years old by 1550 (assuming that "cat witch" has some implication on her
choice of partners as well, and at an early age like 16), Marlesta would
have been age 4 or a little older if her birth predated Sarotar's attempt to
abduce Arkilia by more than a year.

We know that Onelisin's three daughters are young adults when Jarolar died,
and they staunch the wounds of Kostajor Wolf-Champion after saving Jarosar.
This makes 1565 for Jarosar's death a bit unlikely.

In short: I don't trust either set of dates...


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