Yelmalio in 2nd age

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 19 Nov 1997 - 03:57:54 EET

Stephen Martin:

>Nick Brooke mentioned worship of "Yelmalio" in Prax since the
>Second Age. May I suggest that the name of their deity was not
>Yelmalio, that this name is something they gained from Monrogh after
>he convinced them that his vision applied to them as well?

I'm of the opinion that the Praxian Sun Domers picked up
the monicker when they arrived into Prax during the
Second Age. Prior to that, Pavis the elf-friend had in
his cultic rites a place for the local yelmalio-elf from
the Garden as the Sun Stooge. Come the templars and the
yelmalio-elf is given the boot and replaced with the Count
of Sun County. However the Templars picked up the name
Yelmalio for their god.

As for forgetting the original name, remember that when
the Templars came into Prax, they were heavily draconized
and the name of their god would have been spoken in Auld
Wyrmish. Since nobody can speak it now, the people of
prax were forced to call their god Yelmalio after 1043 ST.

This IMO saves us a lot of trouble by avoiding the need
for tortously trying to find out any supposed elvish
remants in the current cult of Yelmalio (Sun Dome human
version) and allows the cult of the Yelmalio (elf-version)
to be radically different from human conceptions in line
with Belintar's pronouncements.

- --Peter Metcalfe

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