Name of Yelmalio

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Wed 19 Nov 1997 - 11:05:30 EET

Stephen writes:

> Nick Brooke mentioned worship of "Yelmalio" in Prax since the Second
> Age. May I suggest that the name of their deity was not Yelmalio, that
> this name is something they gained from Monrogh after he convinced them=

> that his vision applied to them as well? Isolated as they were, and
> oft-invaded, I could believe the Praxian Yelmalions would no longer
> remember the true name of the deity they worshiped.


How the heck do you "forget" the name of your god? Light Priest literacy
requirements alone would make this rather difficult. Agreed, some of the
nomad usurpers may have had a shaky grasp on theology, morality, etc.
But isolation and invasion by outsiders tend to bind people more closely
to their God: consider the Jews, perhaps? ("You'd think they'd have for-
gotten His name by now...")

Monrogh could have brought a religious revival to Sun County (coming back=

from Teshnos with the Vision of the Many Suns); I personally feel that
he learned at least as much from the Praxian temple, recovering from his
desert ordeal, and that the name, scripture and rites of "Yelmalio" were
something he acquired in the Praxian Sun Dome and brought thence to his
homeland of Dragon Pass.

There is more evidence for a *long* history for the Yelmalio Cult (inc.
Sun County, Troll Gods, RQ2 sources passim, and the "Life of Harmast"
manuscript) than for recent "invention" from whole heroquesting cloth
(one essay of uncertain provenance by "Hilliam Wants West").

If we accept that worship of Elmal (in Orlanthi tribes) and Yelmalio
(in Dara Happan-built Sun Dome Temples) existed side by side for many
centuries *before* Monrogh, and that Monrogh's "Vision" allowed him to
establish an Orlanthi Sun Dome Temple in Dragon Pass peopled by former
worshippers of Elmal -- that seems both dramatic and consistent to me.
Monrogh still achieves great things, "creates" the cult of Yelmalio
(in Dragon Pass), reforms it (in Prax), and leads the Elmali to the
promised land; while the rest of the world doesn't get crapped on by
another unnecessary rethink. Hey, Greg can even keep his "Cold Sun
Soldiers" from the First Age Bright Empire!

Seems sensible to anyone?



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