Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #254

From: Osentalka (
Date: Mon 08 Dec 1997 - 23:53:05 EET

Hello Folks,=0A=0AStephen Martin in a discussion with Nick Brook:=0A<<Che=
cking something: we agree that Telmori transform on Wildday,wherever they=
=0A<<are, and it's "just bad luck" that in Dragon Pass,Wildday is the sam=
e as the=0AFull <<Moon phase (though this ain't so elsewhere),=0A< This i=
s my understanding, yes.=0A =0A<<thus *locally* associating the Red Moon =
with vicious chaos beasties. Yes?=0A < Are you trying to get the Lunars o=
ff the hook, Nick? :)=0A=0ASo, all Telmori in side the Glowline would be =
in Wolf form forever, because=0Ainside the glowline it=B4s always full mo=
on?=0AMay it is the reason why the telmori help Kallyr Starbrow in fighti=
ng the=0Alunars. They don=B4t want the Glowline to expand in their terret=

ory?=0A=0ACheers=0A=0AAndre =0A=0A


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