Wood in Prax

From: Pasanen Panu (passo@students.cc.tut.fi)
Date: Tue 09 Dec 1997 - 11:20:58 EET

> 2. Yelmalion fight with piques and piques need poles. Correct me if I'm
> wrong, but poles are made of a single piece of wood. A pique's pole can be
> something between 3 and 6 meters long. That requires either a tree with
> long branches or with a long tronc.
> Now, Prax is semi-desertic so you wouldn't expect to find there the
> adequate trees for pique's poles. I started to wonder where do Yelmalion

 In my Prax, the southern Zola Fel valley has trees, and even some forest.
 Not very grand, but enough for building purposes. They don't make houses

 of stone, I believe, unless they are Flintnail-friend Pavisites. And
 stone and clay walls need wooden support. Hardly many 6 meters long
 trees are cut, as the wood is very precious there.. I'd say the weapons
 are heirlooms.

> The first possibility that occured to me was that aldryami from forest in
> the Big Rubble would supply Yelmalion with the poles. No way since the Big
> Rubble was closed for centuries by troll magic.

 One material is the Giantboot trees. Good stuff.
> Of course, yelmalion enemies would have recognized the importance of the
> trees and would try to destroy them whenever possible deprieving their
> enemies of their weapons.

 Really? Why do you think they hate Zorak Zorani then? "Can you baby
 light my fire?-)" The Zorani do not kill many, but instead starve 'em.
 Burnt crops suck. And at wintertime, they raid you as much as they

> A final question: what about Agimori? Where do they get the poles for their
> lances and piques?

 They might have a special oasis. Where the High Priest of Lodril of Prax,
 an ancient spirit, gives every young warrior a dream about the weapon...
 In some RW cultures, the first weapon had mythical meaning, as it is
 a sacred killer. Agimori, if any, regognize this, and I'd say it is part
 of their initiation into the Foundchild/Lodril. I believe, that the
 Foundchild worshippers get their pike from Lodril, too.

 Panu Pasanen.


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