Helpful Telmori

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Tue 09 Dec 1997 - 22:31:32 EET

Nick Brooke asked:
"When did the Telmori help Kallyr Starbrow? (any source?)"

Assuming that was a serious question (?)

KoS p145, about 1613:
"The rebels were most of the powerful tribes of the Quivini,
including.... some outlawed Telmori tribesmen.."

KoS p154, just after she's "named queen and warlord":
"She gained the loyalty of the Telmori, of the Thunder Brothers, and of
Argrath White Bull, of Prax".

It might be fairer to ask on what occasions she did *not* have Telmori
assistance :)

For yet more (wild and discredited) theories on this relationship, take a
look at:


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