Thanatar heads

From: Daren Clark (
Date: Thu 01 Jan 1998 - 21:03:23 EET


I hope everyone enjoyed the New Year and didn't wake up with a head like

Having just read the cult description and the description of the formation
of a Thanatar head, I got to thinking....

As I understand it, unlike the consume mind procedure the creator of a head
gains the knowledge and magic skills (amongst other things) but is not
immediately aware of all that the victim knows. He may search or question
the head for specific information of course.

If the head of a sorcerer is taken using this ritual, is that sorcerer then
considered to be dead as far as any familiars are concerned?

In other words, would the familiar begin to loose those STATS that were
added to it during its creation?

If not would the familiar be under the indirect control of the Thanatari?

If it were not I could envisage the interesting situation whereby the
familiar might feel duty bound to help his master to a proper death or
release and thereby doom itself to change back to its incomplete former




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