Oroypsus and other Pelorian stuff I don't get

From: Andrew Behan (ajbehan@maedhbh.maths.tcd.ie)
Date: Fri 02 Jan 1998 - 20:20:06 EET

I hope someone can help me with my "dumb newbie" questions about Peloria.

David Cake describes Oroypsus as a "northerner" in his Gods Wall home
page. What does this mean? Is there any grounds for connecting him with
Oravinos, mentioned in FS, as they both seem to have stories about
stopping a bear getting at a tree?

I seem to have got the idea stuck in my head that Orogeria originated in
the Darsen hills. Now that I have Entek. again I find that she is
continuely associated with Arir ...and I can't find the, probably
imaginary, reference to her in GRoY, FS or the Digest. What's going on
here, anyone?

Finally is there any connection between Ulkamoon and Kenestrata? Their
icon on the God Wall is identical and they are both referred to as the
god of the club.

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