Pelorian Naming Customs

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Date: Fri 02 Jan 1998 - 20:09:44 EET

I agree completely with Peter Metcalfe's suggestion that Pelorian clan
names are bipartate. Personally, I had come to the conclusion, lifiting the
idea from EPT, that the first part was the clan name and that the
second part was the lineage name within the clan.

(A clan claims to have a common ancestor, whereas a lineage can trace their
ancestory back to a real common ancestor ...or something similar AFAIK.)
- - I think the Roman naming system was based on something similar, i.e. Gaius
Julius Caesar.

Distinguished clans have more and less distinguished lineages. Yanariao
Belim-ilart was the last ruler of Doblian, whereas Yanariao Arslan-arp is
doing latrine duty at the Yara Aranis barracks in Xarkarsh Overground...

IMO the personal name goes in the middle, after all your clan is more
important than you are as an individual. I posted a nice little theory
about how Pelorians pass on names within lineages.

The idea was that when someone in the lineage died the "personality" part of
their soul (Vrimak? I can't remeber) was passed onto the next baby born into
the lineage. The new-born was automatically typed on the basis of their

nominal forebearers actions, inherited their foci, was expected to be
friends with the same people and join the same cult etc.

In the spirit of "more scenario hooks" the MGF aspects of this were:

(i) What happens if a baby is born and nobody has died recently? Does granny
get the chop? What do the local wet-liberal Lunar authorities make of it?

(ii) What happens if the person isn't really dead? Nomisma is very
worried because little Tzelephoros doesn't want to eat, he never cries or
nothing just stares blankly at the ground. The clan elders send the PCs
of to find out what happened to Uncle Tzelephoros after he "disappeared".
Turns out he's a Vivamort RuneLord and isn't interested in his family
ties ...who said Cremate Dead was a crap spell.

> This is not a ironcast rule as many exceptions do occur.

- -..and I must admit I do like the idea that the second part is a
place-name. I don't think lineal ancestory is that important to
Pelorians, they tend to emphasize horizontal rather than vertical
consanguinity (in-laws and second cousins three times removed, rather
than great-great-grandfathers.)

BTW naming customs weren't homogenized, for peasants at any rate, in
England until after the Black Death so I'm sure that the same is true
in Peloria.

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