RE: Eugenics

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Sat 03 Jan 1998 - 00:00:49 EET

Simon Bray
>When Jane refers to congenital deformaties she list hairlip, short
sightedness, both minor problems.
        Personally, I don't see how magic would cure harelip or
clubfoot. It seems to me that healing magic works by bringing the
patient back to his or her "normal" body configuration, which includes
the deformity. If you did an kind of operation on a patient's lip,
casting "heal" to stop the bleeding would presumably restore the

harelip. And trying to fix a cleft palate without healing magic just
seems way beyond Gloranthan medical skill.
        Consider the sad state of Earthly medical skill throughout most
of history. Now consider that Gloranthan technical medicine is, if
anything, _inferior_ to Earth's, since they mostly rely on Heal magic.
There are some Gloranthan magics that tend to prevent or limit deformed
births, but I don't know of any that cure them. Case in point: trollkin.

Erik Nolander
>Since the Mostali don't worship gods as such, I'm thinking of having
Flintnail as a sort of Hero cult instead (maybe this is >what was
intended from the start).
        Flintnail may well be a Hero cult, but in any case the Mostali
of Pavis are apostate dwarfs, who are perfectly able to worship gods as
they please.

>Also, would all spells have to be converted to sorcery spells?
        It might be more interesting if they were. But technically they
don't _have_ to be, because apostate dwarfs can learn spirit & rune


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