Lunar Wizardry

From: John Constable (
Date: Sat 03 Jan 1998 - 01:17:20 EET

Hi all,

I have changed email addresses, but I put out a request a little while
back about where to get RQ 3 stuff in the UK, and also about
Illumination. Sorry I didn't get back to people on that, if anyone is
interested I will post a list of the stores I found out about (I think
I have a product list from one of them somewhere). Thanks for the
help one and all, it did help sort things out!

I am a bit behind on the digests, due to work, so if I am making any
comments that are currently being/been thrashed out please let me know
by direct mail, otherwise lets have a discussion!

I have been going through Sandy's Sorcery rules, which look pretty
good, am using them on one of my players at the moment.. My question
(s) to the Illuminated of the list :-) is that sandy mentions Lunar
sorcery as having different saints and/or techniques. Before I make
anything up, has anyone done any work on this, or got any ideas? I

don't have a great deal of time to devote to my gaming, and most of it
is used up on campaign planning so if anyones got any ideas they can
put forward, I would be very interested.

Also, is there any knowledge as to what the Lunar Colleges of magic
are like, what they teach (I am thinking Illumination, Lunar Spirit
magic to the Red Goddess Initiates and Sorcery to the rest), and what
are the credentials for entry? =20

The reason for this is that one of My NPC's is a Sorcerer who is
rumored to have been a Lunar magician as well as a sorcerer, so I am
trying to put together a cohesive background.

Also, its been mentioned in the list that the Lunar Provinces provide
something on the lines of Spell Archers (apologies if I get the
terminology wrong, see my comment below!). Can anyone tell me what
these are/are composed of? (yet another idea for the NPC and his
protege, one of the PC's)

I'd also like to say, in response to an earlier post (and I'm not
trying to stir up old wounds!) is that through the digest I have found
a lot of information I otherwise wouldn't have, such as Sandy's
Sorcery rules, and the wonderful Yanafal Tarnis write up (I would
credit both the web pages, but I have a terrible memory, sorry). so
that answers the questions someone asked earlier if we read Web pages
who 'se URL's are posted! (oh, and I read every article BTW, even if
some of them are skim read - you never know what gems you'll find!)

Cheers all and a Happy New Year!



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