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Date: Sat 03 Jan 1998 - 07:44:03 EET

Andrew Behan:

>David Cake describes Oroypsus as a "northerner" in his Gods Wall home
>page. What does this mean? Is there any grounds for connecting him with
>Oravinos, mentioned in FS, as they both seem to have stories about
>stopping a bear getting at a tree?

According to the Ivory Pages GRoY p65, The 'Northern' Group on the
Gods Wall includes Oroypsus (II-22), Ulkamoon (II-24), Erenbaya
(III-22) and Ghevengus (I-10); although this last one IMO _looks_
like a mistake and Verithurus (I-9) is really meant. They represent
one of the cultural groups in the Empire that built the Wall. The
yarm plant that Oroypsus 'guards' appears in the GRoY myth associated
with Anaxial, the Founder of Yuthuppa, which is north of the Gods Wall.
So they could be Yuthuppans (or proto-yuthuppans if pedants wish to
point out that Yuthuppa wasn't built yet). I personally think the
'northern' people are Mernitans, a mythical city that was destroyed
in the Gods War but this depends on whether the mention of I-10 as
being 'northern' is a mistake.

IMO Your suspicions about Oroypsus and Oravinos are correct. They
are the same god under two different names and Bentus of Pelande
may be another name. However the story about Oravinos 'being a
foe of the bear' is apparently taken from the scene on the Gods
Wall as is the Entekosiad story that Arakang mounted a raid on the
same Yarm tree. It looks as though the myth was originally told
by the Mernitans (again note the caveat above) but we do not know
the name of their gods or why the myth is so important.

>I seem to have got the idea stuck in my head that Orogeria originated in
>the Darsen hills. Now that I have Entek. again I find that she is
>continuely associated with Arir ...and I can't find the, probably
>imaginary, reference to her in GRoY, FS or the Digest. What's going on
>here, anyone?

The Ivory Pages GRoY p73 calls Kenstrata a wilderness orgiastic
fertility diety (ie the Saleseh described on p73 of the Entekosiad)
from Darsen and also the mate of Orogeria. The Kenstratae are also
a tribe that inhabits the hills of Jhor at the Dawn according to the
Entekosiad. He's represented in the Arir tales as originally being
a stranger.

The confusion may stem from vagueness about what precisely the
land of Darsen actually was. Dara Happans appear to have used
it to mean the lands northwest of Raibanth when the GRoY was

>Finally is there any connection between Ulkamoon and Kenestrata? Their
>icon on the God Wall is identical and they are both referred to as the
>god of the club.

The icons are different: Ulkamoon is holding a club while Kenstrata
appears to be holding his dick. Ulkamoon would teach something
like True Maul IMO whereas Kenstrata is involved with the concept of

- --Peter Metcalfe


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