Birthing & Mostali & Half-Elfs, oh my

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Birth Defects:

Jane Williams:
>But I do notice that no-one ever seems to be
>described in any scenario pack has having any kind of congenital problem.
>Never. Not even once. Old injuries, yes, but no-one is, for instance,

Depending on the exact society and defect, they usually didn't live very long.
Hairlip or some other such minor problem would have not been too much of a
problem but being lame in one leg would have severely hampered someone in a
nomadic or primitive society, for instance. Survival of the fittest and all
that. The higher you get on the ol' civilization scale, the more likely the
little tyke will survive.

Simon Bray then Jane:
>> When Jane refers to congenital deformaties she list hairlip, short
>> sightedness, both minor problems.
>Try making a living as a horse nomad with short sight and see how minor
>it is.

My point exactly. Even if the kid's tribe didn't have some precept condemning
the child to a quick death as tainted by chaos or something, he/she probably
will be killed by failing to see that wolf/low hanging branch/etc. until it
was too late.

>Would a seriously handicapped child be seen as being chaos-tainted?
>Given that, in Glorantha, disease IS caused by chaos...

Disease is caused by Malia. And Malia is only associated with Chaos when
worshipped by Broos. However, I do think that some defects might be seen as a
chaos-taint, especially any that mimic a chaotic feature (such as an extra
limb or something.)

>Healers can re-attach limbs and bring people back from the dead: given
>the number of healing spells Ernalda has, and her intense interest in
>childbirth, don't you think she might have a solution to quite a lot of
>this stuff?

I believe that Ernalda has fertility magic that helps a mother birth a healthy
child (something akin to Bless Crops) but once the child is born, you have
what you have. I agree with Sandy that healing magic will put things back the
way they were, not necessarily the way you want them. That club foot you're
re-attaching is still going to be a club foot because that's the way it was
before it was lopped off.

Peter Metcalfe:
>Flintnail was a rock mostali (and true mostali cannot by definition be
>apostate IMO)

A non-apostate mostali associating with a half-elf?!?

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