The Glorantha Digest V5 #316

From: Simon Bray (
Date: Sat 03 Jan 1998 - 20:03:10 EET

Dear All,

 Re: Eugenics.

 The term eugenics is and has been used to mean the purification of race.
Throughout the twentieth century people, have used medical skill in an
attempt to remove all impurities from the human race to create a pure breed
of humans. Mary Dendy for example believed that people with disability
should not be allowed to breed and established hospitals in which people
could be segregated from mainstream society, these hospitals only closed in
the late eighties after sixty years of existence. Mendez the Nazi
Scientist experimented with human foetus to examine the causes of
disability, this was invariably fatal to the mother and the child.

Cheers Simon.


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