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From: peter metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Sun 04 Jan 1998 - 05:55:06 EET

The Cam:

>Peter Metcalfe:
>>Flintnail was a rock mostali (and true mostali cannot by definition be
>>apostate IMO)

>A non-apostate mostali associating with a half-elf?!?

Yup. Mostali associated with Elves during the Broken Council and
were not apostate for it no matter what the Decamony thought.

Steve Martin:

>I would retain the Divine Magic, but would also add some alchemy stuff in
>as well. Because ...
>Peter Metcalfe>If the mostali use spirit magic then they are apostate.
>>However since Flintnail was a rock mostali

>Actually, all indications have Flintnail being the same as Isidilian the
>Wise, the famous Dwarf of Dwarf Run, who is a Quicksilver Mostali.

Look at the spells of the Flintnail Cult. It's solely concerned
with masonry and cutting stone. How does a Quicksilver come to
teach these magics? I think the identification of Flintnail with
Isidilian to be spurious on these grounds alone.

>>(and true mostali cannot by definition be
>>apostate IMO), then the cult must be sorcery-using.
>Although true Mostali by definition cannot be apostate, that doesn't mean
>that a cult founded by a half-human son could not be apostate -- I see no
>reason to convert the Flintnail cult to sorcery, and lots of reasons not
>to -- they are more fun as parodies of humans, but better at many things
>than humans themselves. Their spells would be difficult to convert to
>sorcery spells, but work fine as Divine spells. The very
>closely-connected Pavis cult does not use sorcery, and I would think that
>if the Flintnail cultists did, the Pavis cultists would as well, since
>Pavis was a sorcery-using EWFer, by all accounts.

Given these arguments, I think it would be best to have a two-tiered
cult system in which the humans ignorantly use magic in a theistic
sense (ie the cult founded by his half-human son) with the rock
dwarves mindlessly carrying out their original tasks with a few open
handists managing relations between the two. Despite what you say,
there are ample sorcery analogues for the flintnail cult magic (Mould
Rock = Form/set Rock, Shape Metal = Form/set metal, Support = Stablize
Masonry, and Warrior of Stone = Animate Stone). So why would the
mostali need to apostatize to learn divine magic? Furthermore, if
the Flintnail mostali were apostate, most of them would be dead over
the six-hundred plus years and there are apparently no other dwarves
other than the masons.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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