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From: Erik Nolander (
Date: Sun 04 Jan 1998 - 14:40:38 EET

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies to my Flintnail questions. I like the idea of the
cult having a guild structure, it makes a lot of sense. Some comments,

Stephen Martin writes:
>Actually, all indications have Flintnail being the same as Isidilian
>Wise, the famous Dwarf of Dwarf Run, who is a Quicksilver Mostali

And I thought it was only a rumour. Well, why not?

>The very
>closely-connected Pavis cult does not use sorcery, and I would think
>if the Flintnail cultists did, the Pavis cultists would as well, since
>Pavis was a sorcery-using EWFer, by all accounts.

This might only be a rules convention, seeing as sorcery as such did not
exist in RQ2. However, I agree that it would be more fun to keep the
spells divine.

> But the cult must have some sense of an afterlife, since by
>definition all dwarfs who enter it know _beyond a doubt_ that they are
>going to die someday.

In the write-up, it is stated that "Flintnail cultists believe their
spirits enter the project on which they are working at the time of death
/.../...and is eventually returned into the body of another descendant
of Flintnail..." (Pavis Common Knowledge Book, p. 26).
This sounds as an, admittedly bleak, afterlife to me.

 I am thinking of making the Rubble Trackers into a sub-cult, and giving
its cultists the abilities of the Rune Lord level. Any comments?

Erik Nolander

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