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Many thanks for the information, It will come in useful! I was also
looking for some hard rules on some of this, to provide me with a
start. I have a hard enough time coming up with plots and NPC's let
alone work up three magic systems from (almost) scratch! Don't get me
wrong, the info is great, I was wondering if the assembled minds on
this list could lend a beleaguered GM a hand..(I'll ask nicely...OK I
'll beg nicely...:-)

>>My question
>>(s) to the Illuminated of the list :-) is that sandy mentions Lunar
>>sorcery as having different saints and/or techniques. Before I make
>>anything up, has anyone done any work on this, or got any ideas? =20
>Greg has done heaps of work on the Lunar Cosmology. I dunno whether=20
>anybody has anything rules wise tho.
I was looking for Saints, techniques etc. I have found the Saints
stuff for Sandy's Sorcery rules (again, I'd credit the web page, but
my memory is bad and my browsers offline..), which puts a few ideas..
but any suggestions would be welcome..

>>Also, is there any knowledge as to what the Lunar Colleges of magic
>>are like, what they teach (I am thinking Illumination, Lunar Spirit
>>magic to the Red Goddess Initiates and Sorcery to the rest), and what
>>are the credentials for entry?=20

>The Seven Lunar Colleges are the Major and Minor Class Magicans=20
>mentioned in Dragon Pass. Another source (Lunar Wane Chronicles)=20
>has them described as the Cresent Go School, the Full Moon School=20
>etc. Yet another (unpublished) source describes them as the Nathic=20
>School, the Orogeric School, the Gerran School etc.
>Tarsh War describes the basic Lunar magician in these colleges.
> 'A Priestess enters one of the Minor Classes and must
> serve a four year course before being awarded the star-
> covered graduation robes. The course includes battle=20
> magic, ritual magic and Lunar Sorcery. They are taught=20
> to use compatible magic power, acting together as a
> single unit and directing their spells together. Within
> each class, however, each Sorority has its own speciality
> Rune Spell or technique.' =20
> Tarsh War p50.

Reading this, then, what's the difference between a minor and Major
class magician? Magus status as a sorcerer? Rule Lord/Priest level as

>The key feature of these schools is that their most devastating
>spell cannot be used alone, it requires the presence of others
>in their school. Thus a Lunar Magician would have 5-10 POW (or=20
>more) worth of magic that is completely useless to him by himself=20
>but combined with six or seven others makes him something to be
>feared. Another point is that the magician would be illuminated
>as a result of his training to allow him to master the tasks
>expected of him.

Would all of them be illuminated? I got the impression from what I
had read that Illumination was an unusual thing, even in the Lunar
Empire, that it changes ones perception of the world fundamentally.

>1) The Materialist would be a standard sorcerer with the
>speciality of Lunar Sorcery if you use Sandy's rules. Some of
>his Saints would be standard Malkioni Saints garbled by New
>Pelorian (Malkion is known as Malakinus frex) whereas others
>are exotic saints known to the Lunars (like important Magi,
>Karsdevanic Clarifiers and Lunar Heroes). Some of these would
>mimic the more traditional malkioni saints but be slighly=20
>different. =20
 My knowledge of Lunar history is slim, I am still reading up on in
between the rest of my life, but i wonder if anyone has any good ideas
for particular Saints - Jakaleeli? The Emperor himself? Again, the

cult write ups I found on the web put a few ideas forward, after all,
why waste a particular hero as just a god? have him/her/it as a saint
as well!
Also, would most Lunar sorcerers take the Illusionist specialty - it
would seem appropriate, with the theme suggested by mindblast,
glamour and so on

Any suggestions and write ups much appreciated!
>2) The Theist would be a standard RQ3 priestess with rune magics
>and lunar sorcery as described in Gods of Glorantha. I think
>they would know similarly exotic tricks when it comes to Divine=20
>Magic but these would be heavily ritualized and not something that
>one could cast on the fly.
Would all of them, if illuminated (see above) be at least initiates of
the Red Goddess? It seems a shame to restrict the lunar
sorcery/spirit magic modifiers taught by that cult, when every lunar
magician worth his salt (ie completed his training) could use them to
some extent. it would make more useful battle magic, if nothing else!
Any ideas on the rune magic spells for combining with others, or to be
used in conjunction with others - would the skyburn count as this? or
do people reckon that would be sorcery?
>3) The Ascetic would have a whole raft of geases which confer
>upon him abilities that should be freaky. The more important
>the gift, the more severe the geas. He might be immune to
>certain types of magic, have the ability to kill people with
>a special touch, speak in tongues etc and he might be forbidden
>to cast magic on certain days etc.
This seems to cry out for a write up, assorted geases, gifts an so on,

Alas for the time available.. I can really see this as being part of
the Lunar way, meditating whilst suspended in the air, appearing in
one place while actually being in another....magic as part of the
person as opposed to cast by the person...The only trouble I can see
is it trying turning into a (ducks and runs for cover) AD&D monk, or

Ascetic (sp?) Brotherhood from WW...

>The Spell Archers are, according to Tarsh War, illuminated Dara
>Happan Priests. I think their attack is a massive Sunspear
>and they are the unit defeated at the battle of Pennel Ford
>in King of Sartar. Their other magics are heavily fire
>orientated IMO.
I thought that only Yelm had sunspear. Due to the Dara Happan
Yelmalio connection (he says tentatively) or are they actual
Yelm/Yelmalio priests serving in the Lunar Army? if i understand what
has been debated on the list and what i have read so far, there are
still worshipers of Yelm in Dara Happar, which makes this possible,
but I would have though they would have been less than encouraged,

like Orlanth..
>The Crater Makers summon chunks of Moonrock from the surface of
>the Moon. They can make it fall anywhere. A magician of this
>school would also know how to summon Lunes.
Now thats a Rune level equivalent of Sunspear, if every I saw one. I

can just imagine the players faces as I describe the shadow falling
over them as a piece of the red moon falls to earth with their name on
>The Comet Seers, IMO, are Yuthuppan Starseers with a talent
>for sending stellar spirits against their foes. =20
Yulthuppan Starseers? Is there any info/mention no them anywhere, it
doesn't ring a bell..

anyway, thanks in advance!

John Constable BSc (Hons) M. S. Ti. Ch. Sh. B.T.C.T.A
Tai Chi Chuan Instructor & Tien Chen Therapist


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