Sorceror's Familiar

Date: Mon 05 Jan 1998 - 00:19:48 EET

Sorry to disapoint Michael Cule but he seems to have mis read the RQ3
Only an incomplete creature can become a familiar, a proccess which makes=

the creature complete. Thus the familiar cannot become the familar of a
different sorceror until its original sorceror is definately dead (headle=
or not) and it has lost ALL its acquired statistic points and reverted to=

being incomplete.

With regard to the Lhankhor Mhy guy, I've always thought that LMs should
get out more and get a life but to class them as incomplete seems a bit


On a non Gloranthan note I hope that subscribers to this digest are not
going to start putting all their academic and other qualifications at the=

end of their name all the time. I know exactly why Simon did this as it
was directly relevant to the point that he was making but if we all do th=
all the time it will be a very boring oneupmanship boasting session and w=
are not all Orlanthi in a winter stead.



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