Ernaldan Eugenics; Troll dentists

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Mon 05 Jan 1998 - 02:52:34 EET

Jane Williams wrote
>But I do notice that no-one ever seems to be
>described in any scenario pack has having any kind of congenital problem.
>Never. Not even once. Old injuries, yes, but no-one is, for instance,

It's might be considered non-canon, but there was a story in _Tales_ that
mentions short-sightedness. "Things that love night."

While you *could* try and change trollkin back to their "normal" selves,
any XU priestess trying this probably runs into D'wargon and gets whacked,
giving the procedure a fairly bad name. It wouldn't invalidate what Jane
is suggesting, IMO.

If Gloranthans see birth defects as the result of Bad Doings on the spirit
plane, then Ernaldan Eugenics would work fine -- as long as the spirits
responsible aren't too tough.

On a different note: I'd been flipping through old PC sheets the other day
when I ran across a troll that had broken a tusk. Now, trolls replace
their molars every few years, but TP doesn't say this for the other teeth.
But not the canines and tusks -- so how does a poor troll fix those
problems? Considering how much trolls eat, and the chances of getting a
nasty parry to your mouth when you make a foolish bite attack, it's a fair

Does healing work on teeth (or hair and fingernails, for that matter)? Or
repair? Both seem unsuitable considering the nature of the substances, at
least to me.

James Frusetta


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