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John Constable:
Also, is there any knowledge as to what the Lunar Colleges of magic
are like, what they teach (I am thinking Illumination, Lunar Spirit
magic to the Red Goddess Initiates and Sorcery to the rest), and what
are the credentials for entry?

     I suggest you ask Stephen Martin for a list of Lnar Colleges, I sent
me quite a long one once. If I recall correctly there was a College named
after each of the seven Lunar phases/days. And of course, the Dreaed
Crater Makers....
     Yes to Illumination, though not directly. There is no class in how
to free your mind from social constrains learned whilst a toddler. But
there are many classes in comparative religion, which is to say, the myths
and legends of broads regions of Genertela. The more myths you know, the
more likely you are to know (or know of) a ritual that will help in whatever
peculair circumstances you find yourself. And learning myths from many
different viewpoints helps break down the social/cultural restraints
mentioned earlier.
     I also believe that there are a few classes on abstract philosphy, etc.,
to also help you see different points of view.
     Attendance in such classes is not limited to Lunar Sorcerers, IMO. It
includes Lunar Travelers and Journeyers, as well as rising members of the
beauracracy who want/need/are ordered to broaden their outlook.

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