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Since there has been complaints about the scholarly
nature of the Digest, and the lack of gaming related
posts I dug out this from my East Isles notes. It's
the old "what my father told me" for a young man or
woman from Luvata, one of the islands in the Korolan
Islands, an archipelago in the southern East Isles.

In due time this will go up on my web site as well.

What the old fisherman told you
- -------------------------------

Who are you?

Arennan the sailor, of the Arinta clan.

Who are we?

We are the Luvatans, in the other islands live the
Tamorans, the Serenetans and the Mingaians.
Together we are the Korolans because our islands
form the Korolan Isles.

What makes us great?

Our sailors are the most skilled, our young the most
beautiful. Through the Dream of Unity our
four islands are united against our enemies. Last but
most important we are bound to Thella's net and are
faithful subjects of the Golden Emperor of Vithela.

Where do we live?

We live in the Korolan Isles: Luvata, Tamoro,
Sereneto and Mingai. Around us are the other Ten
Thousand Islands of Dawn.

How do we live?

We Luvatans are fishermen and sailors. On Tamoro
they grow fruits and till the earth. The Mingaians
have herds of goat and sheep and the Serenetans do
all these things to live.

What is important in my life?

It is important to live well, take care of your family
and expand your soul. Always guard your virtue and
your dreams will keep pure. We of the Arinta clan are
the keepers of the secrets of the passage through the
coral reef around the lagoon. You must never tell those
secrets to an outsider, but you should use your knowledge
to help others.

Who rules us?

Queen Tamerana rules Luvata, but the Senate on
Sitoro has the final say in all matters that are of
importance to all four islands. In your daily doings
you must heed your clan chief Itos Arinta Keen Eye.

What makes a man or woman great?

A man should be loyal, courageous and skilled in his
profession. The same goes for women. To be truly
great, you have to wise and spiritually pure.

What is evil?

Those who spread the bad dreams are evil: the Black
Moon with her goblin minions and the Dreamwraiths
who prey on the sleep of the innocent. The Waking
Magicians who poisoned the dreams of our ances-

What is my lot in life?

Since you were born in the Arinta clan you will be a
sailor and navigator if you wish. But if your dreams
turn you to other deeds, you must follow them.

What is the difference between men and women?

Men kindle the spark of life, but women bear the
child until birth. Men build boats, and fish from
them. Women build houses and gather the fruit.
Otherwise men and women can do all things equally
well. A true man knows the skills of women too, and
a true woman knows the skill of men.

How do we deal with others?

Everyone who is not an agent of nightmares should
be treated well. We offer them food and drink and
shelter. But the secrets of your clan must never be
known to a stranger.

Who are our enemies?

The goblins and the dreamwraith are our eternal ene-
mies. The evil forest people who try to spread their
snake-infested jungle to our islands are never to be

Who are my gods?

Irvata of the Sweet Water is the goddess of our
island. The Tamoroans worship their mountain Tamorongo.
On Sereneto they worship the whirlwind
Aoea. The Mingaians worship Mingemelor the volcano.
We all worship the great Thella, of course, and
we pray that the White Moon will protect our

What is there to do around here?

When the work of the day is done we exercise our
athletic skills so we remain the greatest athletes in
the world. Those who feel the urge to travel can sail
out to explore the rest of the wondrous islands.

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