RE: Headless Sorcerers

From: Clark, Daren (
Date: Mon 05 Jan 1998 - 16:15:43 EET

In response to my question about the result on a sorcerers familiar of a
Thanatari taking the head of its master;

Michael Cule;
>Oh! What a lovely idea.... I *must* steal this....

Feel free Michael, I was planning on including this in a scenario, but first
wanted everyones opinion (or at least those with an opinion ;-)) on the
validity of the idea.

Michael Cule;
>Is the familiar under the Thanatari's control? Only if the Thanatari
>knows enough about sorcerers to ask the question....

Or if the familiar was one that had been released from service and therefore
was not known of by the Thanatari when he took the sorcerer, or he/she did
not have time to check before something untoward came up, or he/she was not
thorough enough.

Michael Cule;
>And BTW, I would say that if the Familiar gets hooked up with another
sorcerer >before all the Stat bonuses given by the old it gets to keep the
old stuff as well as >keeping the new.

Hmm.... I'm not sure about the former, would the enchantment be broken until
all of the STATS have gone? If not then I'm sure that using Sandys' rules
the enchantment can be manipulated if this procedure is known by the new
sorcerer. Otherwise I was thinking that something akin to the resurrection
rules might apply i.e. any skills related to the STAT lost will deteriorate
from the point of loss of that STAT until the STAT is regained.

I would suggest that if the STAT is INT, then spells memorised would
deteriorate to the level that could be store by the Fixed INT (randomly) and
these would not be recoverable upon recovery. The skills in those spells
would however be recoverable and so if a lost spell is re-learned the
creature would start at its original skill levels (minus any loss through
deterioration due to time between STAT loss and regaining).


Daren Clark


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