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Date: Mon 05 Jan 1998 - 17:37:11 EET

>> Sandy has stated that it does not.

> This is a tad misleading IMO. If we talk about DNA and all that,
> then we have no evidence to suggest their existance in Glorantha
> nor would I go around proclaiming their existance. But I do feel
> that Mendel's experiments would work in glorantha and that people
> can inherit characteristics from their parents.

     Certainly, otherwise what are all those people breeding horses
and prize cattle doing?

Peter Metcalfe:
I treat the social effect of Illumination in the Lunar Empire as
equivalent to communist ideology in say the soviet union. At one
hand, there is a ruling orthodoxy of which most of the state
functionaries subscribe to. Then there are dissident beliefs
propogated by street riff-raff which are ruthlessly suppressed
by the various organs of the Lunar Empire.

     Not true. Why would a bunch of Illuminates want to supress
dissidents? A) Illuminates tend to be more broad-minded than the
average chap, b) Tolerance is the Lunar Way. IMO, they would only
start supressing dissidents if they started causing significant
social unrest. Otherwise, why waste the time and effort?

>>Any ideas on the rune magic spells for combining with others, or to be
>>used in conjunction with others - would the skyburn count as this? or
>>do people reckon that would be sorcery?

> The Skyburn is a good example...

     Terrible example, actually. The Char'Un performed the Skyburn
when the Red Emperor cheated them into accepting an Elf Forest as a land
grant. I can't recall any reference offhand that suggests the Empire
helped the Char'Un....

     But I do seem to recall that the Empire tried to do something
similar later on, and called it the Moonburn. Significantly less
sucessful; probably had to reverse engineer it after the Char'Un
refused to part with their secrets (if any one still knew how).
It is also possible that the second set of Elves weren't caught with
their pants down, the way the first bunch were.


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