Sorcerer's Familiar

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Mon 05 Jan 1998 - 20:21:20 EET

Duncan don't agree wit me:

>Sorry to disapoint Michael Cule but he seems to have mis read the RQ3
>Only an incomplete creature can become a familiar, a proccess which makes=
>the creature complete. Thus the familiar cannot become the familar of a
>different sorceror until its original sorceror is definately dead (headle=
>or not) and it has lost ALL its acquired statistic points and reverted to=
>being incomplete.

And I shall say that you could interpret it that way, but that the idea
of the familiar struggling to find someone else willing to take him on
before he reverts totally is much more Fun than the opposite.

So that goes in my Glorantha. And That is That.

- --
Michael Cule


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