Flintnail & is a tooth a limb?

From: TheCam (TheCam@aol.com)
Date: Mon 05 Jan 1998 - 22:42:59 EET


Peter Metcalfe:
>>>Flintnail was a rock mostali (and true mostali cannot by definition be
>>>apostate IMO)

>>A non-apostate mostali associating with a half-elf?!?

>Yup. Mostali associated with Elves during the Broken Council and
>were not apostate for it no matter what the Decamony thought.

True (although I don't know about them not being apostate). And there's that
isolated island (I forget the name offhand) where Trolls, Mostali, and
Aldryami all live as one big happy family. But these are exceptions to the
rule. If you get too many exceptions, what good is the rule?

James Frusetta (after a bunch of stuff on chipped troll tusks):
>Does healing work on teeth (or hair and fingernails, for that matter)? Or
>repair? Both seem unsuitable considering the nature of the substances, at
>least to me.

Regenerate or (perhaps but not likely) Regrow Limb?

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