Another Telmori Question

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Date: Mon 05 Jan 1998 - 23:21:09 EET

A bit lte, I know, for the recent-ish discussion n Telmori, Pure ones &
Cursed ones etc, but I have just been re-reading KoS, and noticed that
when Sartat founded Jonstown he brought peace to the warring Telmori by
offering them a new leader, Ostling Four-wolf, who "Showed the Telmori
chiefs some secrets of their changing, and offered hope of their curse
being broken" (KoS pp 134-5)

Anyone care to conjecture what it was Ostling had to offer, and whether
he was able to give the Dragon Pass Telmori any tangible sign that their
curse might be broken, or merely hope? - One thought is that he was a
"pure one" that Sartar had met somewhere (possibly on the hero-plane),
and by showing the Telmori that he was not forced to change, as they
were, he offered them the hope that they too may be able to conquor the
curse. Alternately, maybe prior to Ostling's intervention, the Telmori
spent a random one in seven days in Wolf form, and thus found it

difficult to plan ahead, and afterwards they always changed on Wild Day,
which is why it fits so conveniently with the Theylyan Calendar?
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