RE Birth rituals et al

From: allen wallace (
Date: Tue 06 Jan 1998 - 06:07:15 EET

There have been several comments on the Eugenics/Healthy Baby lines.
At least two gloranthan cults carry spells in this regard. Xiola Umbar is
likely to be out of reach of most cultures, but Uleria isn't. Reproduce
insures a healthy baby. I realize that most readers will never get past
the sex-bomb aspect of the cult, but I guess you focus on what you lack.
Anyway, I suspect that there is a STRONG midwife contingent in Uleria's
cult, if only with the aging courtesans, with several midwives skipping
the courtesan path as much as possible. Uleria is supposed to be a
ubiquitous if temporally week cult. I suspect it might frost the Ernaldan
hierarchy to have to concede the Mistress of the Fertility Rune
superiority in this area, but by definition Uleria has to have it. If the
good Ernaldan wants to insure conception and a healthy baby, she'll have
to go see that midwife, you know the one that used to be ...
  Regardless of attempts to the contrary, and Malkioni aside, Glorantha is
a pantheonistic set of cultures with most races. Trying to bring all
powers under one cult seems counterproductive to me.



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