Drastic Covers

From: Stephen Martin (drastic@juno.com)
Date: Tue 06 Jan 1998 - 08:58:41 EET

To All:

Although I cannot attend the Gloranthacon in a few weeks in Australia,
The Book of Drastic Resolutions will be there!

As a small effort to support the con and especially Questlines II, I am
sending a number of spare covers of Drastic: Prax.

For those of you who have not seen it, Simon Bray painted a wonderful
picture of the marriage of Narmeed Whirlvishbane, mighty warrior of Waha,
and Varaneena Cow-eye, bountiful Daughter of Eiritha. See Cults of Prax,
The Book of Drastic Resolutions, Volume Prax, or the Chaosium web page
for details on this ceremony.

Anyone who buys a copy of Questlines at the convention will be given one
of the covers for free. (At least, for as long as they last!)

Hope everyone Down Under has a great time!

Stephen Martin
The Book of Drastic Resolutions
P.O. Box 272914
Concord, CA 94527-2914 USA


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