Teef and other dead body bitz

From: James Frusetta (gerakkag@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Tue 06 Jan 1998 - 08:31:26 EET

Joerg Baumgartner wrote:

> JamUZ Frusetta
Nah, really, I'm a burly elf. Honest.

> >Does healing work on teeth (or hair and fingernails, for that matter)?
> I guess you'd need a specialist spirit cult. A troll tooth fairy?
Now, that's a great inspiration. I can just see humans snickering over
the thought of trolls sticking teeth under their pillows... while the
reality is that it's some huge horrible darkness demon. Or some daughter
of Xiola Umbar, or something. No doubt the retribution spirit takes a
hammer to your chompers if you fail to brush enough. Cool!

> Repair shouldn't work on teeth, otherwise bone fractures could be cured
> that way as well. (And Repair leaves a weakness anyway - after a couple
> of repairs the tooth won't hold if you bite into soft cake...)
I'm not a biology whiz, but I vaguely recall something about the upper
layer(s?) of skin, hair, fingernails and teeth being "dead" (but I may be
wrong). Healing restores only the "living" skin/bits, I assume. So is it
thus obvious when someone has had healing -- pinker skin, fingernails
blackened or fallen off, hair fallen out, etc. where healing was applied?


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