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Hi everyone,

Tim Ellis :

> Anyone care to conjecture what it was Ostling had to offer, and
> whether
> he was able to give the Dragon Pass Telmori any tangible sign that
> their
> curse might be broken, or merely hope?

I do. Since it isn't mentioned in Dorastor what he offered I would say
that it was only a minor change if one at all. I think he came with a
new idea how the curse could be side-stepped. My favourite is the one
which my Telmori still remember and try to accomplish. Ostling-Four wolf
said that it was impossible to break the curse. But it could be made
more harmless. Every seventh day all cursed one would turn into wolves.
So the Telmori should work on either eliminating all seventh days (no
wilddays = no changing) or should try to shorten the seventh day to only
some hours. Since this idea was unknown it offered new hope. And my
Telmori still believe that if they could change myth in that way the
curse would be broken.

> One thought is that he was a
> "pure one" that Sartar had met somewhere (possibly on the hero-plane),
> and by showing the Telmori that he was not forced to change, as they
> were, he offered them the hope that they too may be able to conquor
> the
> curse.

I don' think this is true. I believe that the Sartar Telmori always knew
of the pure tribe which didn't get the curse.

> Alternately, maybe prior to Ostling's intervention, the Telmori
> spent a random one in seven days in Wolf form, and thus found it
> difficult to plan ahead, and afterwards they always changed on Wild
> Day,
> which is why it fits so conveniently with the Theylyan Calendar?

Somehow I also don't believe in this one, too even if it fits with the
chaotic nature of the curse. I think the Telmori always changed form on

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