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Date: Tue 06 Jan 1998 - 17:39:27 EET

Peter Metcalfe
>If we talk about DNA and all that, then we have no evidence to suggest
their existance in Glorantha nor would I go around
>proclaiming their existance. But I do feel that Mendel's experiments
would work in Glorantha and that people can inherit
>characteristics from their parents.
        I'm not sure that Mendel's experiments would necessarily work
out so great. I believe that it is perfectly plausible that the
following things may all hold true in Glorantha.
        1) "marking" a child in the womb as the result of the mother
seeing or doing something nasty. (I.e., if she sees a one-legged man,
her child might be born with a clubfoot.)
        2) Lamarkian evolution
        3) Personality traits or skills based on one's previous life
        4) Spontaneous generation
        5) Sexual reproduction taking place without exchange of
germplasm (examples: physical combat between walktapi leading to
spawning; dark troll mothers, after being possessed by Dehori, giving
birth to great trolls)
        6) Maternal-only, or paternal-only inheritance.
And so forth

Frederick Ferro
>Isn't Isidilian (who is described in the Broken Council sourcebook)
still alive in the Third Age ? This would show that
>Openhandist heretics can keep their longevity (in spite of what the
Decamony Propaganda wants you to believe).
        The difference between a "heresy" and an "apostasy", according
to dwarf dogma, is that a heretic is able to maintain his longevity.
Thus, even the Nidan pedants admit that an Octamonist, Openhandist, or
Individualist can be long-lived.
        Also, the "dwarf" of Dwarf Run is not a true dwarf, but a true
Quicksilver Mostali. At least, so I'm led to believe. In which case his
immortality is innate, not based on what he does or doesn't do.

Jane Williams re: trollkin
>premature births? That could explain a lot. So the problem isn't the
form of the child at all but its state of development: it
>might be fine if it could just stay put a bit longer. Is this the case,
though? I thought trollkin were more likely to be multiple
>births than trolls, as well as being smaller?
        Trollkin don't stay as long in the womb as "normal" trolls, but
there is more wrong with them than just their prematurity.

>A thought: that sounds rather similar to the effects of modern
fertility drugs. Sextuplets, all undersized, that sort of thing.
>Has KL been cursed with too much fertility, rather than too little?
        The multiple births are an artifact -- the result of extensive
heroquesting in a failed attempt to reverse the curse. Originally
trollkin births were single. In fact, they are still single, today, when
born to trollkin. And the occasional trollkin is born in a single birth
to a troll mother.

Stephen Martin
>It is stated in a couple of places in print that the dwarfs at Pavis
are apostate. This means, by definition, that they do age,
>and they do die. Thus, it seems obvious that either:
>1) they know how to make other dwarfs; or
        This is the case. Of _course_ they know how to make other
dwarfs. It's only a secret if you're part of the Nidan Decamony. Dwarfs
come in male & female models, and are able to reproduce just as any
other creatures of Glorantha, though perhaps not as frequently.

>2) pretty much every apostate dwarf in the Dragon Pass and Greatway
area ends up as a mason in Pavis.
        And where else would you go if you were an apostate dwarf in
this area, and decided to leave the underworld? If you wanted to live
amongst dwarfs (which is likely -- just because you're an apostate,
you're not insane), where else could you go? Your only choices are:
Dwarf Run, Pavis, or Corolaland. Pavis is probably pretty attractive to
a lot of the apostates.

James Frusetta
>So is it thus obvious when someone has had healing -- pinker skin,
fingernails blackened or fallen off, hair fallen out, etc.
>where healing was applied?
        Personally, I believe that a big ol' scar is left behind. I
don't think magic healing is much different than natural healing -- just
faster and able to heal certain things that we can't (like severed
limbs). I _like_ the idea of having scars after a healing spell takes
effect. Why should my PCs be deprived of the privilege of their marks of


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