Rigid vs mercurial mostali

From: D. Pearton (pearton@u.washington.edu)
Date: Wed 07 Jan 1998 - 02:33:45 EET

> Stephen Martin
> These spells (Shape Metal, Mold Rock, Animate Warrior of "Stone") do not
> seem, to me, to be Rock Mostali secrets -- they seem to be generic
> dwarf-type spells. After all, I think that any well-taught dwarf would be
> able to deal with _basic_ aspects of the other castes -- to be a proper
> alchemist, you have to have a working knowledge of minerals, be able to
> cut gems to the right shape, etc.

Im not at all sure I agree with this - given the extremely rigid nature of
the mostali and their castes I don't think that they do have much of any
other skills outside their caste. They are all part of the world machine.
Does a piston need to know how to act as a cog or gear? I view the
dwarves as being the very opposite of generalists.

> In addition, as an Ancient Mostali, I find it entirely possible that
> Isidilian the Quicksilver Mostali had some rock dwarfs, gold dwarfs, etc
> with him, to help carve up the statue.

This is far more plausible - but does away for any need for Isilidian to
be any form of generalist.

> So, even discounting the fact that Isidilian is firmly in print as a
> Quicksilver Mostali, and that the evidence for him being Flintnail is
> quite strong,

Well, if you could present some of that evidence then maybe we could come
to agree with you...

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