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Date: Wed 07 Jan 1998 - 06:27:09 EET

Jane just said something which sparked a thought:
>Quite what form this takes I'm not sure, apart from the obvious
>medical precautions. Some sort of warding against malign influences, of

Given that the inner workings of a woman include lots of things to keep
an unborn child healthy, may I suggest that Eninta, goddess of childbirth
(see King of Sartar) either is now, or was in the past, a foe of Malia?
And that perhaps she gives some kind of spell to help the unborn child
resist disease?

Allen Wallace
>If the good Ernaldan wants to insure conception and a healthy baby,
she'll >have to go see that midwife, you know the one that used to be ...

This is really rather amusing -- I think it is a good idea, at least in
some areas: I doubt the Ulerians have much presence in an
Ernalda-dominated land like Esrolia, where specialized subcults or spirit
cults might provide spells to replace Uleria's.

Stephen Martin
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