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Date: Wed 07 Jan 1998 - 10:15:50 EET


Ok, folks. The Doraddi have now replaced the Zulu in my Civ 2 files. That
leaves only 3 more spots. I'm thinking of putting in Fonrit, Vormain, and
Umathela. What I need are the names of a famous male and female leader from
each (the person doesn't have to actually have been a ruler, just someone in a
position of power.) I also need their agressiveness, tendencies to either
expand or develop what they have, and wether or not they tend to be warlike. I
need a list of cities/oases/holy places, as well.

Also, can anyone give me the names of powerful females (past or present) in
Jolar, Kralorela, Black Horse County, and among the Beastmen of DP and the
Dwarves? Greg has already told me that there are no female leaders in
Kralorela but a powerful priestess or somesuch will do (for instance, I have

Lady Vega as the female for Sun County.)

Which brings me to my last question: I have Sun County of Prax in the game but
what I need is the info for Sun County of DP (ok, so it's a statement...)

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